Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snap, Krackle, Pop!

Okay. I think I'm safe in saying that this qualifies as a candidate for the WTF category. This is a stretch of imagination........even for me. Oh, the things you can make with Rice Krispy Treats!

I left this little project perched on an upturned mug in the refrigerator and almost forgot about it until I removed the half and half for my coffee this morning. I'm going to have nightmares about this one, I just know it. Now please excuse me while I clean up the floor and go change my pants.

So......anyone want to take a running stab at what it will be when it's finished? The first person to correctly and specifically identify this little work-in-progress will receive a brand-new shiny set of measuring spoons from "my happy place".....William Sonoma.

You have until 8pm Wednesday, Sept 23rd. Winner to be revealed shortly thereafter.
Ready, set..............go!

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