Monday, January 31, 2011

Singin' the Birthday Blues!

My sister Kathy had a little milestone birthday last week.

 I won't tell you exactly..............but if you double that number.............

              're 100.

      (Sorry Kath) 

Please keep in mind that this mutant little fondant woman was initially sculpted to be a tall, svelte sexy figurine. Somehow......overnight, she morphed into a chubby voluptuous little stripper. Truthfully, the fondant just compressed into itself and I ran out of time. 

Respecting her "absolutely no party" wishes proclaimation, myself and a small group of close friends and family surprised her with an overnight Girl's Weekend. It was 24 hours of fun, food, drink, manicures, pedicures and shopping. We had a blast!

So, Happy Birthday to my little sister Kathy!

See you in the pasture!