Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Year of The Blog

Today is the one year anniversary of my Blog.

Since I didn't bake anything this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to mark the occasion by posting on the same subject matter that I began with one year ago. I hope this doesn't bore you. If it does, go get a piece of chocolate to eat while you're reading it. What have I always taught you? That's right.......chocolate always helps.

You've been introduced to Emily several times over the past year. She's good girl and thankfully, she's still with me. But like everyone else (including me) she's another year older. Her bones hurt a little more, and some days, she only has one speed. S-L-O-W.

But she's still here.

And she's still fiesty. Did you know that when Boxers are mad or upset, they will sit and turn their back on you. See this?? This is what she does when I'm on the phone.

I wouldn't say that she completely rules the roost though, would you?

(Please note the print hanging over the bed..would you call this life imitating art or art imitating life? )

Although she'll be twelve years old in May, she's still pretty sharp.
Except on those days when she misplaces her glasses.

Boxers are "people" dogs. They like nothing more than to follow you around and gaze at you with THESE pathetic little eyes.

Her favorite thing to do (besides eat) is lay on the carpet in the sun.

Doesn't matter where that patch of sun is, so long as she can stretch out and bask in it.

And sometimes that sun feels so good, she flips herself over, gyrates back and forth and scratches her back for about 5 minutes.

"Oh I'm such a happy dog!"

In 1988 I brought my first Boxer home. Her name was Bridget. I remember people commenting on my particular choice of breed because in 1988, there weren't too many Boxers around.

I've learned that they can be extremely needy, they love people, they love children, they love to stomp on bugs then eat them, they love the sun, they love popsicles in the summertime, they are unbelievably stubborn, fiercely protective and once you get past the farting, they are undeniably sweet.

Although the breed has short hair..............they shed. Seriously, they do. They shed a lot. And when their "winter coat" begins to shed, look out. Don't let anyone tell you differently on this subject. I can't begin to tell you how many people have commented to me how Boxers "don't shed". To those people I say this.........

Trust me,

They do.


Minka said...

Hey, there! Happy B'day! I didn't realize we started bloging at the sne time. If I could just taste everything I've seen on your blog in this past year.... mmmmmm... my kilos would go up and up... Happy blogging for many more years!s

Aunt Grace said...

was a great story. Ruffo has now decided to come into the house at night. She is such a sissy, hates rain, snow, wind you name it. Loves Steve, follows him everywhere, tollerates Mary, and Brian, every one else she just ignors. It really is a comfort to have her around, she still will not go into our bedroom,just stands at the door and turns her head as if to say "where is he?'

Tari said...

Happy birthday. Found your blog not long ago and pop into visit occasionally. And the "dog on bed" picture...same scene (and artwork) in our house. Emily is beautiful.

The Amazing Trips said...

A whole year? Isn't it awesome to look back and see all of what you've done? And baked? And just how far your kitchen has come?!

Here's to many more...!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Happy Anniversary. Ah what a difference a year makes. Love, Marg

Lisa said...

What a great way to celebrate your blog anniversary...

Loved this post but I did go for the chocolate just in case...You are so wise:) I think it made your post just that much better.

Love, me

Patteee said...

I love Emily!!

Anonymous said...

oh, that dog's face is priceless. I would kill roll in the sun on the floor....wouldn't be able to get up, tho!!