Friday, May 14, 2010

Someone hit the "Play" button please!

So, where was I? Ahhh, yes. A couple of weeks of baking literally hundreds of French macarons everyday....I finally mastered the technique. Just in the nick of time too, as my family and friends were starting to speak French fluently. So if anyone needs any advice in baking Macarons, please ask. I can make them in my sleep.

Then, I moved.

Yes. After years and years, I finally sold the house with that beautiful brand new kitchen with the stainless steel appliances and shiny black granite countertops. You see, it was all in the plan. My master plan....and it worked. I needed change in my life on so many levels that I started with the biggest. The other changes are a work in progress. It was a great feeling to unload sell that house and I haven't looked back once. I think that means that I was really ready to go, doesn't it?

I know that I have been so-o-o-o lame about posting to my Blog but all I've been doing is unpacking. Although I'm getting tons of emails commenting about my absence, rest assured I am working on a new baking project and plan to return very soon. I promise.

From a new kitchen.

In a new house.

In a new town.

Just 4 minutes away from my sister, Kathy.


Lisa said...

"I am working on a new baking project and plan to return very soon. I promise."

WELL! I should hope so!

I hope there will be pictures of the new kitchen,new house, new town...and your sister Kathy.

xoxo, Lisa

Aunt Grace said...

Tell Kathy to get busy and unpack with you. You will move things again anyway....I love the flowers, daisy's and minature roses, still fresh as we speak. I keep checking your blog and still nothing, we have to eat in the south you know so get busy.

Made With Pink said...

These look great! I was making macarons before they got really popular, but it's great now that they are, because there are so many helpful tips about them online! It was hard to even find a recipe a year or so ago.