Monday, January 31, 2011

Singin' the Birthday Blues!

My sister Kathy had a little milestone birthday last week.

 I won't tell you exactly..............but if you double that number.............

              're 100.

      (Sorry Kath) 

Please keep in mind that this mutant little fondant woman was initially sculpted to be a tall, svelte sexy figurine. Somehow......overnight, she morphed into a chubby voluptuous little stripper. Truthfully, the fondant just compressed into itself and I ran out of time. 

Respecting her "absolutely no party" wishes proclaimation, myself and a small group of close friends and family surprised her with an overnight Girl's Weekend. It was 24 hours of fun, food, drink, manicures, pedicures and shopping. We had a blast!

So, Happy Birthday to my little sister Kathy!

See you in the pasture!


How To Be Perfect said...

People are diffcult, I think you did a great job, your cake looks lovely. x

EDNurseasauras said...

Yay! You're back! LOVE the cake and glad y'all had a good time. Happy Birthday to Kathy, welcome to the 1/2 century club!

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,
I just found your blog and want to wish Kathy a Happy Birthday. The cake is so cute and I am glad you got to celebrate.
Aunt Grace is here for one month and today we talked about all the snow in the country as we did water aerobics in the 87 degree pool.

One of many cuzzins said...

WONDERFUL depiction of Kathy and her attitude toward joining our club! Oh ya, she was jumping out of a cake alright!!! It looks adorable. You are so clever Anne Mavie!

Had a great time at Kathy's Birthday weekend. Perfect time to get away and the perfect excuse. We should make it an annual event. But we'd have to torture Kathy with telling everyone her age ....she might have a problem with that!

Excellent job on the cake! Love it!
Oh and Kathy....Happy 50th, you hag.

The Amazing Trips said...

I know I'm late to the "party" on this comment, but that is a FANTASTIC cake. Chubby stripper?! NO WAY. She looks phenomenal!!

Well done, AM!! :)

Lisa said...

Can it be that I am this far behind on everything computer?

Oh! SO Sorry!!!!!!

Happy! Happy Late Birthday Cathy!

WHAT A FANTASTIC CAKE!!!!!!!! Love that voluptuous little stripper!!!!!