Friday, March 16, 2012

The Pioneer Woman Book Signing in Brookline, MA!

Okay, where was I? 

 Ahhh yes. The book signing with Ree Drummond.

I read her book tour schedule a few weeks ago and saw that she was coming to Boston. Calmly, I called my sister Kathy. "REE IS COMING TO BOSTON, REE IS COMING TO BOSTON"!, I shouted. Then I hung up the phone and sent her an email too.....just so she couldn't say later that I didn't tell her. 

It's a sister thing. Let it go.

In any case, knowing that Ree usually has a large number of attendees at her book signings, I wanted to make sure that we got there early.

Um. Yea. Mission accomplished with that one. We even beat Ree.

Her presentation was being held at the Coolidge Theatre just across the street from the Brookline Booksmith, from 6pm until about 7pm. It goes without saying that it was a sellout event from the moment of it's announcement. So instead of standing in front of an empty table for three hours like a couple of dorks, we decided to head across the street to grab a little dinner.

We ate at a little place in Coolidge Corner, a stone's throw from the bookstore, called the Paris Creperie. It was a tiny cafe-style establishment with phenomenal crepes! We snagged a booth by the door and while we ate our dinner, I kept a wary eye on the bookstore across the street.  It was now 5:15 pm and I suspiciously watched as groups of people crossed the street in waves to go into the theater. The Coolidge Theater holds about 350-400 people and my intention was to beat all of them back into the bookstore before the presentation was over, to get into the front of the book signing line.

It was just then when it started to rain.  Dammit.

Just short of ramming my sister Kathy's crepe up her nose, we finished our dinner and high-tailed it towards the crosswalk.  Dodging big, fat raindrops, we bolted back across busy Harvard Street, and skidded into the bookstore. To my horror, a line had already begun to form. Breaking away from my sister, I skillfully manuevered myself around an elderly woman who was sedately reading a copy of " You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty", and jumped into line behind this happy couple.

Meet Carrie and BJ. Awesome couple. He's a firefighter and she's a riot. Not only did they drive two hours from Springfield, MA to meet Ree, but they kept us totally entertained with an Iphone photo montage of tornado damage to their home from last summer. Carrie and BJ were 4th and 5th in line.

My sister Kathy and I were 6th and 7th in line.
(insert fist pumping here)

 And these fabulous ladies were 8th, 9th and 10th.

(again, lots of fist pumping and high-fives)

Meet Andraya, Janine and Beth.  Andraya is Janine's gorgeous daughter and a loyal Pioneer Woman fan. While waiting in line for Ree, she softly told her mother than she was so excited her knees were shaking. So sweet. When Beth found out that her friend couldn't attend the signing,  Beth offered the ticket to Andraia (whom she didn't even know) to hear Ree speak in the theater. So nice, these PW fans. 

And then the long-awaited moment arrived.

There she is.

Looking gorgeous! 

She is even more beautiful in person.

The line started to move and before we knew it....we were next.  My sister Kathy manned the IPhone camera while I stepped up to the table with my books. I gave Ree some of my  fancy-schmancy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cakepops (see the red bag?) and she loved them! We share the same name (Anne Marie) and that led into an easy conversation.

Did I mention that she is also gracious? (sigh)

I bought her newest cookbook as well as her romance novel, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and I also brought from home her first cookbook......complete with it's pages slopped with batter, frosting, cinnamon and god knows what else.

She signed them all for me.

What more can I say?  The woman's a peach.


After our books were signed, photos taken and good-byes said, Kathy and I clutched our books and grinning broadly, wove our way out of the store. At this point, there were no less than 400 people in line waiting to meet Ree. It was worse than the lines at Disney, if you can believe it.

 On the way back to the car we passed by all of them, around the store, out the door,

...and down the street wrapped around the corner.

The moral of the story? The early bird will not only score you the perfect parking space right next to the bookstore, but it will introduce you to some fun new people, maybe even a New York Times best-selling famous author, as well as get you some fabulous autographed cookbooks. 

Love ya Ree...and thanks!


EDNurseasauras said...

Amazing! You have the best adventures!

Peg O. said...

Good for you & Kathy. A little crazy, good for you!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like another "Bucket List" scratched off the page!!! LOL, Love the pic's you guys must have had a blast!!!!! BTW...... YOU'RE also a PEACH my dear!

Julia @The Roasted Root said...

Lucky you for being able to meet Ree! Wish she'd come for a book signing near me! Hey the two of you look alike! Could be relatives! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky you got to meet Ree. I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing!

Janine said...

Hey Anne Marie,
You made waiting in line fun and exciting! It was great meeting you and your sister! Thank you for the kind words you wrote about Andraya. You're a peach too and I love your blog!

theresa EH said...

Luv her top eh!

Mal said...

I was there too (I posted about it on my blog too :-D )! So much fun, she's so nice in person!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Carrie said...

It was great meeting you all! What a fun time :)

Carrie & BJ

Aunt Grace said...

I am so excited too. You both have dimples. Poor Kath, I bet she went kicking and screaming all the way. New computer for me so I'm excited too.

kate said...

Love this post! I just posted about her Pittsburgh book signing- it was really fun to see your story about Boston. Way to avoid the line! -kate

Daisy said...

Huge PW fan here. Like how early are we talking here? I'm thinking of flying into one of her books signings with my 10 month old. The book signing starts at 6pm and the last flight out is at 9pm. Doors open at 9am for wrist bands. My plan? Be there at 9am, wait, be first couple of people in line, go home. Does this sound like what you did? sorry for the long comment, I couldn't figure out any way to contact you otherwise.