Monday, October 5, 2009

Food for Thought

This week was the first time in my life that I was not looking forward to seeing family in South Carolina. Unlike my surprise visit only a month ago, I wasn't loaded down with Black & White cookies or fresh bakery bread. On this trip, just carrying my heart was heavy enough.

When my cousin Lisa called last week with the news that my Uncle Bill had lost his valorous battle with cancer, the sadness that I immediately felt for my aunt and cousins was overwhelming. I knew that the beautiful "snowglobe" surrounding their world had shattered and this family that I love so much would now be changed forever.

How much food does it take to mend a broken heart?

In times of sorrow, why do we always turn to familiar and comforting foods to help ease the pain?

Macaroni & cheese, potato salad, egg salad, smoked turkey and cheese, baked ham, fresh rolls with lots and lots and lots of butter, double fudge brownies, cheesecake, chocolate cookies and fresh lemon pound cake with a fluffy light vanilla buttercream. It's good. It's comforting.
That's why it's called comfort food.

Everytime I visit my "home away from home" in the South, I come away with some kind of a life lesson learned, or maybe a gift. Like my all time favorite chocolate cookbook, or my new Le Creuset Dutch Oven, otherwise known as "Big Blue".

But on this trip I came away with inspiration.

To live a better life.

To be better.

To take my uncle's philosophy on life,and find a way to adapt it to my own.

Because arguments are a waste of time.

Make fudge instead.

Dive into your life.

Make lots of friends along the way.

Remember to stop to smell the flowers.




Blow caution to the winds and enjoy what you have today.
Right now. In this moment.

Accept help from others...especially when you know you can't reach the pedals by yourself.

Try a Starbucks Iced Venti Skinny Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

Just do it.

Don't bring a bad day at work home with you. Leave it outside the front door.

Because behind every door lies an opportunity..........

..........for you to be better.

Whenever possible, always upgrade your rental car.

Remember that the pathway home is never a very far walk....

...especially when you have a friend beside you.

...unless of course, she is riding a bike.

Life is short. Drink of it well.

...and use real cream in your coffee.

Watch over and protect those you love.

Keep in touch with your family and friends, no matter how far away they live, tell them that you love them.

Life is short. Tell them often.

Tell them now.

Remember that every once in a while, it's o.k. to take a moment to throw yourself down, kick up your feet and scratch your back.

And maybe even eat a bug or two.

Hug someone really, really tall.

But if you can't.............just hug a pumpkin.
That will feel good too.

Ever. two portions of Fiber One Yogurt before leaving for the airport.

Remember that although change is hard,

changes can be good.........

And "making a change" is always the best,
so challenge yourself and Be Amazing!

Love where you live.

Love what you do.

And if you don't......what are you waiting for?

Do what makes you happy.
Do it now.

Pray to understand that where one life may conclude,

.....another life is just beginning.

And always remember that no man in the sunset of his life ever said, " I wish I had spent more time at the office".

Especially not this man.

Who had no regrets and truly lived his life to the fullest.

Every. Single. Day.

The question is.....

Do you?


Lisa said...

Beautiful!! Just Beautiful!

Love you,

One of many cuzzins! said...


Isn't it interesting how one person can leave such an indelible mark and inspire us to do better and be better? The world is a much better place because of Bill Finnell. May we continue to find inspiration in the life he led.

Beautiful post Anne Mavie! It must have been a difficult journey for you. Thank you for sharing it with those of us who couldn't be there in person.


Anonymous said...

Thank yo Anne Marie for a beautiful and true post. You sure do have the art of expression and photography. Your parents would be so proud of you as am I.
Aunt ML

NurseSue said...

Beautifully said, Cuz!!

Peg O. said...

Beautiful post Anne. I feel blessed to have shared in some of the memories.

And please try a Starbucks Iced Venti Skinny Pumpkin Spiced Latte! {Even if you have to drive 30 miles to do so! It is worth the ride.

Peg O

Not the evil one said...

If you were any better we would have to have you commited. What beautiful thoughts and pictures. You have always been very special to Uncle Bill and me, I think you know that. He was so proud when he first saw your blog. "Another business women" he said, and you know how he love achievers. Thank you so much for coming down, you really made a bad situation nice. Were still talking about you and Sue, he would have roared at you two. Thank you again you are truly our secret weapon.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have tears in my eyes. You are a great writer

Anonymous said...

Very nice Ann. Thank you so much for honoring my Father in such a beautiful post. My Dad enjoyed you so much and thanks to you, Sue and Peggy - once again you all made a difficult situation bearable. Thanks to all of our family and friends -- don't go far ;-) Love, Marg

The Amazing Trips said...

Beautiful, Anne Marie. It was so nice to see you there. It was even nicer sitting up chatting with you until 3 AM. I'm surprised and glad that our LAUGHING didn't wake up Auntie.

Thanks for bringing so much sunshine everywhere you go. :)