Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi Punkin! (Part One)

Something about seeing the word "pumpkin" in a recipe has always made me feel warm and cozy. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie. It never fails to bring a smile and a snug-as-a-bug feeling.

Dr. Phil, your thoughts?

I've wanted to make these for a while but tucked it away until it was seasonable appropriate. Like...........NOW. All in all, I don't think that the pumpkin neccesarily adds alot of pumpkin flavor to the brownies, but it does make them unbelievably moist and fudgy. Two things that we all hate........right??

So it seemed only natural to use my favorite Katharine (yes, it's spelled with an "a") Hepburn Brownie recipe with a little pumpkin twist. "Norman, look at the loons"! Isn't Golden Pond one of the best movies EVER??

You haven't seen it?? You're kidding, right? Get up right now and go rent it. We'll start the brownies when you've finished.

It is a fabulous film starring Henry Fonda, my girl Katharine and Jane Fonda. I still laugh and cry all the way through it. The movie was filmed on Squam Lake in New Hampshire, about a two hour drive from me and yes, Squam Lake is really as beautiful as the film portrays. New Hampshire is truly a special place. I'm turning the oven off right now. Go and watch it.

We'll wait.


Lisa said...

"unbelievably moist and fudgy. Two things that we all hate........right??" Oh!YES!! If there is one thing I can't stand is unbelievably moist and fudgy things....;-) You know me...

You can go a head and start those brownies...this is one movie I have seen. I will try to suffer through them...and maybe watch the movie one more time. I think I saw the it when Matthew was a baby.

Oh! and we spell our Kathryn's name with a 'ryn'...just thought I would throw that out there. I am not the speller in the family...that is how Mark's grandmother spelled her name and that is how he wanted to spell our Kathryn's name...the Polish...Gee.
Personaly I think it is a very pretty way to spell it ... the Irish...Gee

Anonymous said...

Our vcr/dvd player broke. I would be so bold as to ask you to wait until I bought a new one and then I could watch the movie, but I'm afraid the people in the gallies will start throwing rocks at me (or you) if you don't post part 2.

I have my duncan hines brownie mix out. I'm ready to start my lesson.

Love, Marg. ;-)