Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chocolate Makes The World 'Go Round

Chocolate truly makes the world smile.

Not convinced? Okay, have you ever seen anyone take a bite of chocolate and burst into tears?

I rest my case.

Wouldn't it be great if we could solve the world's problems by eating a chocolate covered strawberry?

You can bet Yolande was smiling when I baked her this double layer Scharffen Burger Chocolate Cake for her birthday this week.

Lots of smiling going on.

Lee Ann's birthday was also this week and I decided to experiment a bit. Knowing that she liked chocolate and bananas, I took the plunge. After cutting the bananas into 1 inch wedges, I dipped them in chocolate then rolled them in toasted coconut. The cake is Devil's Food with a Chocolate Ganache filling layered with freshly sliced bananas. I have to say that the taste combo was fabulous and I will definitely make this one again.

Now for the bad news.....I made Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls......just to see how they would come out.


I almost crawled into the oven to eat them while they were baking. Don't worry.....I will be doing a tutorial later. I know that PW already has one posted, but a tutorial is fun to do AND I know my sister Kathy wants to make them with me. That's right....fasten your seatbelts again, because the next time I make the Cinnamon Rolls, we're going to make them at Kathy's!
In the meantime, start sewing an elastic waistband into your pants now, because after eating a couple of these, you're going to need the extra room.

On that note, Good Luck Jen, Charlie and Marg who are participating in the Rock & Roll Marathon in San Diego tomorrow, May 31st, 2009. They are running to raise funds for Lymphoma research.

Run, Run, Run.

Run for the Buns!


Lisa said...

VERY! COOL!! Like the link to Jen's blog....How do you do that???

Now, I understand your comment...Yes! I do think the Cinnamon Rolls would have made them all even time!! Sorry it has taken me so long to visit...another crazy, busy week!

PS....???? DID you know my birthday is in June??? Hint, Hint ~ I need a little smile in my life too...:-)

Love to you~ Lisa

The Amazing Trips said...

Ohhhh. Mama. So, when are you coming to visit?? Just ask Margaret what she thinks of California...

I've never seen her look so sad as she did today as they drove away!!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! Yummy! Those look SOOO good! I wanna come to Kathy's too! Love, Marg.

BY THE WAY... WHERE WERE YOU????? You weren't in S.D!! I/WE LOOKED EVERYWHERE!!!! Searched for 26.2 MILES TRYING TO FIND YOU!!!!

You weren't there, Anne; you weren't there. ;-)