Friday, May 8, 2009

The First Communion Cake

My nephew Cody received his First Holy Communion yesterday.

My sister Kathy, a.k.a. "The Trail Blazer", requested a "non-traditional" First Communion cake. (My apologies to the Academy of the Assumption) She gave me some brief specifics on what she didn't want, and said she trusted me to come up with something fun. Of course that completely ruled out the three foot long chocolate crucifix I had been planning for months. :)

Well, of COURSE I started with chocolate cake....DUH!

But then I made a Coconut Cake for the top tier.....

...because I'm told that there are some people that actually don't like chocolate??

Who the heck are these people?

I certainly don't know ANY of them.

When you're working with fondant, the cake has to be crumb-coated first. Just barely put on a skim layer of buttercream, refrigerate it for about an hour, then start rolling out the fondant....and remember, once you have covered the cake with fondant it can't be refrigerated again. I usually just cover it all over with lots of Saran Wrap and store it in a cool (not cold) place until I'm finished working with it.

I'm sure I'll be making this "zebra cake" again...I just love the way this looks!

My sister requested bright fun colors Apple Green and Purple....the black and white was my idea....mainly because I love black and white. Also, knowing how Cody loves animals, I knew he would be excited that his cake looked like a Zebra. And he WAS!

How in the heck do I come up with some of this stuff?? Well, the inspiration for some of my crazy projects can come from anywhere. Sometimes I work with a specific color in mind before even starting on a project. Other times, an inspiration just walks in and sits right down in front of me......

.....other times the color choices are so obvious, they just about slap me in the face !

Then I have to sketch it out........and erase it.........and sketch it ...and erase it until I have a design that works for me.....

Tell the white fondant crosses tip you off that this cake is for a First Communion.....or does it remind you of some sort of zoological preppy-gothic celebration?

Hmmmm, note to self: next time make sure that the cake is not overfilled with frosting...otherwise it can cause the fondant to ripple when it hardens..................dang it.

What matters most of course, is that my nephew truly loved it...

.......and promptly declared that it was the best First Communion cake in the world!

Hopefully, everyone else thought so too.


One of many cuzzins! said...

OMG.....AWESOME!! I knew it would be spectacular and was so bummed to be missing another unbelievable sight (and spectacular Smith event.

I especially love the zebra stripes, "spit"balls, and the spikey thingys on the top. TOO COOL for words.

I'll be calling you this week!

Minka said...

I completely agree with One of many cuzzins! No need to say more...

Aunt Grace said...

Gee Annmarie, that is truly a work of art. Cody looked so cute grinning at the cake. Alex had his First Communion last week, and didn't like the taste at all. If he had something like that cake to come home to, it would have been different. Instead we had german saugage. That cake is truly beautiful, but who in the family doesn't like choclate, outlaws I bet. I too don't know how you come up with these things, but you should have a tv show. They are fabulouse.

Lisa said...

IT is totally awesome and the coolest First Communion Cake EVER! The Crosses gave it all away.

Gundo in Downtown said...

Wow - that is an absolutely beautiful cake!

Jane and Gundo

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful cake!
(coconut?? -- what's that?)

Alexander had his first communion as well! It was a great day but I think "we" will keep this post to "ourselves". ;-)

Congradulations Cody!! (and to Mom & Dad too!)