Sunday, May 17, 2009

The merry, merry month of May

May is for Graduations.

And First Communions.

And what the heck....let's throw in two or three.......

or four or five birthdays too.

May is a busy, busy month for baking....and according to the pencil marked hen-scratch in my calendar, June looks just as hectic.

But so much fun, nevertheless...

Then life in my little baking world will come to a screeching slowdown for the summer. People take vacations....hopefully I will be one of those people since I was "too busy" to take one last year. In any case, summer is not the best time for me to sharpen my cake design skills, considering any smidgeon of humidity wreaks havoc with fondant and swiss meringue. Use as much caution as you want, jack up the A/C 'til it reads 20 below.....but you still may end up with a gooey mess. So I guess it's as good a time as any to experiment with new flavors and different recipes.........and who knows...............maybe I'll even have a give-a-way.

The Boston Celtic Graduation Cake was for my friend Karen's son, Kevin, who not only finished college, but is nuts about basketball too. Like crazy nuts. Considering he is about 9 feet tall, I made him a 12 inch double layer Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Icing fit for a king! You know how these young guys are.....he could probably suck this whole cake down in 10.2 seconds without blinking an eye. Not to mention his metabolism will burn it all off while he's walking to put his plate in the sink. On the other hand, I can go up a dress size by just SMELLING the buttercream.
The Celtics logo is completely edible. Really incredible isn't it??? I get all of my edible logo's from a place in California called
Gogo Cakes.

All you do is fill out the form, upload a photo and poof! It arrives in the mail all ready for you to incorporate into your cake design. The edible image is machine made from pressed frosting or rice paste. It is then put onto a paper backing and fed into a special copy machine which uses food coloring for "ink".

Congratulations Kevin and Go Celts!

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Lisa said...

That's cool.....and good to know.


I have to Say....Congratulations to Kevin and his STUPID metabolism! GEEE! More proof....
Youth is wasted on the young....we would appreciate a fast his metabolism!