Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Time To Be Fourteen!

My nephew Cameron is fourteen years old today.

Fourteen?? Impossible. It seems like only yesterday when he was born. I was there you know. In the room. Watching. Wide-eyed. Heart pounding. Shallow breathing. Sweating, Crying. Shaking. Sobbing. Please keep in mind that all of the above pertained only to me....the bystander.....the first-time Aunt, and not my sister Kathy who was actually the person giving birth. Aside from the occasional profanity grimace, she was in complete control. On the other hand, I was an emotional mess. In fact after the birth, the nurses offered me a cup of herbal tea to help calm me down. After being passed from the doctor to new mommy Kathy, then to new daddy John, at 2:23 a.m., that little chubby baby was finally handed to me. It was love at first sight and I immediately burst into tears again. See my red rimmed eyes? Good Lord, I am such a wussy!

I knew that Cam and I had a chocolate connection at his very first birthday party. Kathy and John let him loose with the cake and ice cream.....and this was the result. A chubby little baby covered head to toe in chocolate cake and frosting? Hmmmm, nothing wrong with that as far as I can see.....

Now look at him. Fourteen??? Seriously??? What year is it again? How long have I been asleep??

Like his dad, Cam's a natural athlete..........

...with a wicked sense of humor (just like his aunt). He is a "most excellent" big brother to Cody and Brenna and is generally lots of fun to be around. Oh......and before I forget....there's just one more thing about Cameron that you should know......





Are you seeing any similarities yet?

When I asked my sister Kathy what kind of cake to make for Cam's birthday, she only hesitated for about an eighth of a second. "Make him a big bed" she said laughing. "That's what he loves to do".

So.....I did.

I started with a rich Devil's Food cake and baked it in a 9 x 11 pan. Then I whipped up a positively evil peanut butter frosting.

After putting on a light crumb-coat, I popped it into the fridge for about an hour so the frosting could properly set up. Then, my imagination completely took over ...............

The bedframe and posts should have been made a couple of days in advance so the fondant could dry.....BUT, I was a complete slacker and waited until the last gun was fired to do it. I'll remember my aggravation and annoyance AT MYSELF next time. It won't happen again. What's that saying, "Never put off shaping fondant until tomorrow if you can do it today". Trust me, when it comes to fondant, don't wait until tomorrow. Do it now. Right now. Just do it.

So this is definitely a first for me. My first official Bed-cake. Or is it a Cake-bed? It actually looks comfy enough to jump into, doesn't it??

The nightstand and pillows are all constructed from Rice Krispy Treats, then covered with fondant. The entire thing is edible....

Yes, I said everything! The bed, dustruffle, nightstand, sheets....... everything!

Even the alarm clock!

It must be nice to be able to sleep like that. Not a care in the world.

The only way I will ever relax enough to sleep that soundly will be when I'm dead.

On that work here is done.

So Happy Birthday to Cam!

The only kid I know who will always get to have his cake.......

.......and eat it too.


Peg O. said...

WOW, What a great cake! Happy Birthday Cameron.

Peg O.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! You are AMAZING! I can't believe that you are so talented! Where did you get it from?? Who are you?? THAT IS SO CUTE!!!

Wish I had Oprah's number b/c Girrrl! It's become one of my favorite things to see your talent explode! Just wish I could have some!!!!

(tell them you need your 'beauty' sleep to grow properly...that's what James used to tell me - of course now he's 20 and still sleeps in) ;-) Love, Marg

Anonymous said...

Everything down to the bed pillows falling off the bed. You are sooo talented!! I am so impressed!
-Karen C.

Anonymous said...


Debra D. said...


Childsplay said...

Precious, imaginative, well executed! You nailed this theme...and looks delish also...Loved the hair and the starred bed covers....Just found this site and will make it a regular 'stop'....would you mind sharing what camera/lens you use to take your photos? all done so well..

Lisa said...

Okay, it may have taken me a long time to get a comment on for one reason or another...BUT! every time I look at this post I am in AWE!! Today, I noticed the ruffles on the bed skirt...I read a comment about the pillows falling of the bed and had to back and look...Would you STOP being so amazing!? Your making us "just throw the cake in the oven and be done with it" people look bad... I mean really bad!!

AND Your Cupcake Girls....WOW!!! Just WOW!!!

On a side note:
I can't believe Cameron is fourteen...My Stephen will be 15 in September...How did this happen? Just so you know, I will not be showing Steve this cake. We will just have the simple Hershey cake on the back of the Hershey cocoa box...He will think I am truly wonderful and AMAZING ~ We won't tell him what he is missing....WILL WE!!

Also, Love the post about Cameron. It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You have outdone yourself again....each time I log on to look at what you have accomplished..I am blown away by your talents.... Annie, you have definitely missed your calling....


Anonymous said...

Has it been 14 years...can't be..where did the time go. Cam is so lucky to have you .... what an awesome cake. You have outdone yourself again....Happy Birthday Cam! Donna

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne: Lurking (or stalking) again. Had to show my hubby and read my sister's comment. I'M TELLING "her" STEVE about Cam's cake. Second thought mail one to me - Then I can be the "Oh so cool Auntie!!" Marg.

Aunt Grace said...

Each week I lie awake wondering what will you come up with next! Please send me your itinerary so I can get some sleep. He looks so much like John, but I can see a lot of Holohan in there. What a great age to be fourteen. Ah yes, I remember it well.
Happy Birthday Cam, and congrats to your Mom and Dad, they are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

CUT IT OUT! You are TOO much for words. Every week you blow me away. Such talent Anne Mavie. I absolutely love it. How unique! And the PERFECT symbolization of any fourteen year old. Yet again...surburb!

Cam is the man! How could it already be 14 years since I went to visit him as a newborn. He was the yellowist little guy I had ever seen!! His mom stills remembers my harrowing driving through Boston traffic when we rushed him back to the doctor. He was a bit jaundiced and needed some extra TLC that day. It was a little scary for a new mom...but all was fine in a few days and they all lived happily ever after. And Cam, turned into a great little kid and now a fine young man.

Happy Birthday CAM! We all love you. Now GET OUTTA BED!!

Minka said...

Cool! I think it would work for many sleepy heads, not all of them kids! You must be everybody's favourite aunt! And it's not only about the skill - you also put so much work and love in all your creations! :))

chandlerguera said...

You're a cool aunt!